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Stain Removal Steam & Vacuum Systems Steam Only Systems


Stain Removal


To clear spot stains on floors use the detail nozzle on high pressure at an angle of around 30o to the floor and blow the stain into a cloth using a side to side sweeping motion. Wrap the cloth around the floor tool to catch the stain as it is blown out. NEVER USE A CLOTH ON YOUR HAND FOR RISK OF SCALDING. This method is the same for both dry steam & vacuum and dry steam only systems. Click here to view spot stain cleaning.


Steam & Vacuum Systems


There is no doubt that using a dry steam & vacuum system combined on carpets and flooring in general is quicker than a steam only system as you can do all processes in one - dissolve the grease, remove the grease and remove the dirt. There is no need to scrub first or to steam mop, just steam & vac! Use the white gliders on carpets NOT the brush as this is easier to use and squeezes excess moisture out of the carpets.


Select the hard plastic 'glider' insert

Clip the 'glider' into place in the head

Connect the floor tool to the extensions

For use on 80/20 carpets the bottom insert of the gliders can be changed with the bottom insert of the brush in order to create a brushing action to lift the pile and drive the steam further into the carpet. This can produce superior results to the gliders on their own but should be used with caution on man made fibres as it may rub up


Click here to view how to change

Fill recovery tank with cold water to minimum level

Your steam vacuum system is now ready to use on your carpets


Use the steam and vacuum simultaneously for normal soiling moving the head slowly in a forwards and backwards motion.


For heavily soiled areas use the steam on its own first to loosen the soiling then use steam & vacuum simultaneously to remove.


As only a small amount of water is used most of the soil that is collected remains in the extension tubes and hose so after you have finished suck up some clear water to flush to dirt into the recovery tank and clean your system ready for next time.



Steam Only Systems

To clean carpets using dry steam only systems we recommend scrubbing the area first using the large floor brush then steam mopping the area with the mop attachment. The action of the steam scrub loosens dirt and breaks down the grease in the carpet. The steam mops then extracts the grease. Once completed the carpet should them be vacuumed. One of the advantage of dry steam is that is doesn't leave any residue in the carpet unlike other more traditional methods. This ensures that they do not become sticky as they dry out and therefore stay cleaner longer.

  • General Cleaning - scrub the carpets with the large rectangular head then steam mop the carpets to remove the grease and left over carpet shampoo.

  • Light Cleaning - go straight to the steam mop method

  • Stain Removal - use the detail nozzle on full pressure placed at around a 30o angle off the floor. Place a mop or cloth on the large rectangular brush but do not connect this to the dry steam system, use this to blow the stain into by holding the brush opposite the detail nozzle. Most stains can be removed in this way with minimum of effort.

By "steam mop" we refer to either placing one of our mop covers over the rectangular brush or by wrapping a cloth around the brush head, there are clips situated on top of the head to hold a cloth on as a mop cover. Full dry steam pressure is not necessary when using the dry steam mop, use just enough to moisten the mop as it is the heat that cleans using this system.


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