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We at VapourTek appreciate that making a decision on which steam cleaner is right for you can be a little confusing. Do I need a steam vacuum in order to get the best out of steam? Can the least expensive fulfil my cleaning requirements? Can I use a steam vacuum as my everyday cleaning tool? The two tables below are designed as a quick reference to which model has what benefits and to where we would use a hand held system, a steam only system and a steam vacuum system. We hope that this helps BUT do not forget that we are always happy to discuss your requirements with you and our policy is to recommend the RIGHT system NOT the most expensive!


Feature Vapline Vapourline Dual Life
Twin Tanks No No No
Variable Steam Control Yes Yes Yes
Steam Only Yes Yes Yes
Steam Vacuum No No Yes
Vacuum Only Option     Yes
Water Filtration     Yes
Stainless Steel Boiler Yes Yes Yes
Anti Lime-Scale Boiler Yes Yes Yes
Audible Fill Warning No No Yes
Optional Tools Available No No Yes
Built In Safety Features Yes Yes Yes


Feature Vapourline 500 Vapourline 650 Vapourline 800 Steamology 500 Steamology 650 Steamology 800
Twin Tanks Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Variable Steam Control No No Yes Yes No Yes
Steam Only Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steam Vacuum No No No Yes Yes Yes
Vacuum Only Option       Yes Yes Yes
Water Filtration       Yes Yes Yes
Stainless Steel Boiler Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti Lime-Scale Boiler Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audible Fill Warning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional Tools Available No No No Yes Yes Yes
Built In Safety Features Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

We are aware of other 'cheaper' steam cleaners available through some well known outlets by some well know manufacturers. However, when comparing our steam cleaners with these cheap steam cleaners you should check the following in order of importance:

  1. Is the boiler constructed of stainless steel? Unless stated it probably isn't.

  2. What is the grams per minute (g/m) in comparison? Not enough steam equals not enough cleaning power!

  3. How long does 1 litre of water last? 1.5 litre boiler is 50 minutes equals 37 minutes per litre or 1.5 litre is 1 hour equals 45 minutes per litre.

  4. Can the supplier / manufacture offer a telephone or web based support service? If this is your first steam cleaner this is essential!

  5. Does the price displayed include next day or any other delivery? In our experience it usually does not, adding around £9 to the price.

  6. Is your appliance made in the European Union creating wealth, supporting jobs and fuelling the economy?


We all like to buy at the best possible price BUT add the above factors together and we believe that the VapourTek

brand and products offer the very best value for money that you can find.

Use the Chart below to rack up points for the areas that you wish to clean to see if steam only or steam vacuum is more suited for your requirements. The point scoring system is designed to make your choice simple. Scoring is done on how effective each system is with 5 being excellent and 1 being adequate. If there is no score then the system is unsuitable for the task. To save time the bottom line is General Household Cleaning if your requirements are broad!

Area of Use Hand Held Steam Only Steam Vacuum
Ovens & Appliances 3 5 3
Hard Floors   3 4
Carpets & Rugs   3 5
Upholstery   2 5
Bathrooms 3 5 3
Curtains   2 3
Windows 3 4 5
Daily Vacuuming     5
Spot Stain Removal   5 5
General Household Cleaning 1 3 5

Once you have selected the areas that you want to use steam for ad up the points in each column to help you decide which system is best suited to your needs.

By far the best choice for a steam cleaning solution is the Sagittarius Extra. This system has all the benefits of steam with water filtered vacuum built in as well as the options to have a steam only kit making the cleaning of appliances and hard to access areas such as taps, hinges on toilets seats etc. easier. The steam turbo brush option is an excellent choice for areas such as stairs, doorways and worn carpets whilst the vacuum only tool ensures that you get the best value for money from your Sagittarius by using it as your regular vacuuming solution. The Sagittarius Extra is The Ultimate Steam Cleaning Solution.

Click here to view the VapourTek Sagittarius System

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