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Dry steam is an excellent cleaning agent in ALL areas of the kitchen. Ovens (inside and out including the racks), steamers, deep fat fryers, mixers, grills, hobs, filter systems, work surfaces, hot plates, hot cupboards, fridges and freezers (inside and out), walls (not emulsion) and of course the floors.

For Best Results

  • Work Surfaces - use the triangle or small rectangular brush (dependent on model purchased) with a cloth on it to dry steam mop the work surfaces
  • Exterior of Kitchen Appliances - as above, use the steam mop

  • Hobs, Grills and Racks - use the detail nozzle with small brush attached to work on these areas and break down the grease

  • Hinges, Joints, etc. - use the detail nozzle to penetrate into areas such as hinges, joints etc

  • Tiled Surfaces - use the squeegee tool to clean tiled surfaces or steam mop as with the work surfaces

The only item that should be used with caution in the kitchen is the small brass brush as the bristles may come off and eventually end up in the food. In particularly tough greasy areas a normal kitchen degreaser may be applied direct to the surface.

How to Clean Oven Racks

The best way to clean oven racks is to use the detail nozzle with the small round nylon bristle brush attached with some 'Spontex' (steel sponge) attached to the end. This will become very hot due to the steam but will also agitate the baked on grease removing it much faster than anything else, see pictures below.

Use detail nozzle, small brush & steel scrubber placing the steel scrubber like so. Use on racks like this with steam
A typical oven rack A quick go on the right hand rails A quick go on the cross-bar as well

These results are achieved with the minimum of effort and without the use of any detergents.

Clean Your Freezer

Steam can be used to de-frost your freezer and to clean the inside. The hot steam acts like a knife on the ice without the risk of cutting your refrigeration pipes! Steam allows you to empty the freezer, defrost and clean, place the frozen products back in the freezer and switch the freezer back on without damaging any products or flooding your kitchen!

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