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Does steam really work?


The standard first question of any telephone conversation. Of course the answer is always YES. It works because it heats the dirt or stain to very high temperatures breaking down the substance (usually grease) that is holding the dirt in place, this is then displaced and removed using the steam mop or vacuum if one is fitted.


Can I use steam to clean my oven?


Yes. Gas or electric BUT you must not direct the steam to any electrical connection or use whilst the appliance is connected to the electrical mains. (Switch socket off if wired into a mains spur.) The high temperature of the steam will break down grease and allow easy removal of the dirt.


Do I need a steam and vacuum for steam to be effective or is a steam only system just as good?


There is no doubt that on floors a steam and vacuum does the job more effectively as you do the job once. However a steam only system is easier to clean appliances such as the oven as the hose and handle are smaller making access easier. There is no perfect solution though both type of systems will clean the same amount of areas. A steam & vacuum unit combined will leave surfaces such as upholstery, carpets and bedding drier, having said that dry steam only uses around one litre of water every 45 minutes so it doesn't take long for any surface to dry once cleaned.


Are there any bags or filters to buy for the steam only or steam & vacuum systems?


No. The steam only systems are designed to use only tap water so there are no other elements to purchase. The steam & vacuum systems also use only tap water, both in the boiler and as there filter. Water is the best filter medium as it will hold elements as small as smoke particles in the water. Virtually pure air is blown out of the back of the system through a washable final foam filter. There are no bags or filters to purchase on an ongoing basis.


Do I need to use cleaning chemicals?


No. However it is fair to say that on some stubborn stains or heavily soiled areas the use of a cleaning aid will speed up the process. DO NOT USE BLEACH WITH STEAM. Steam will turn the bleach caustic and if breathed in may cause damage and WILL cause a big headache. DO NOT ADD ANY CLEANING AGENTS TO THE BOILER. This effects the boiling point of water and WILL damage your steam cleaner which will no longer be covered by ant warranty.


Will my steam cleaner come with all the tools I need or are some tools extra?


Your VapourTek™ steam cleaner will come with all the necessary tools to carry out your every day cleaning requirements (see product details for more information). However there are some specialist steam tools available for those using dry steam commercially.


What if I do not get the results that I am expecting?


Phone us on our Lo-Call rate telephone number 01530 456926. We know that our systems work as we test every model extensively BEFORE adding it to our range. We cleaned commercially using dry steam and we know the outstanding results that these systems can delivery. HOWEVER, you must remain realistic on heavily soiled areas or old and worn carpets. Steam will improve all areas BUT in these areas it may take more than one session to bring the area back to a good condition. Steam will clean better than any other cleaning system for the money but it should not be viewed as a miracle system that will make 10 year old carpets like new or that it will take inks and dyes out in a single go.


How safe are the systems, can the boiler explode?


The boilers are all pressure tested to well over the operating pressures of the systems. They are all constructed from stainless steel and have built in safety devices. If the thermostat fails there is a pressure stat that will cut off the power and if this fails there is a safety valve that will release the pressure well before the boiler reaches its maximum safe pressure.


I'm not convinced, what if the system doesn't work?


We have sold hundreds of systems to hundreds of customers and in our experience steam does take a bit of getting used to. This is why we supply easy to use Operator Guides, support via CD ROM and this web site (see How To Use) and of course our support line on 01530 456926 In 99.9% of cases where customers have contact us the operator can use a better method for removing the stain or dirt then they were using and with a little help from us they are soon getting the results that they were looking for.


Are all the consumables available?


Yes, replacement brushes, heads etc are all available and all in stock at our distribution centre. Re-order details will be sent with every machine.


Can I use dry steam to clean my patio?


Technically yes but we do not recommend it. In this instance it takes quite a long time to clean this area and you stand a good chance of prematurely wearing your floor brush out!


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